German dairy leverages MontBlancAI for continuous CIP validation

MontBlancAI has been collaborating with a leading German dairy since Fall 2022 to continuously monitor and validate their Clean-In-Place (CIP) processes. The dairy sources milk from over 2,000 farmers and processes more than 2 million liters per day into high-quality dairy products, including milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, and butter. 

The dairy company uses CIP processes to clean and sanitize its equipment and pipelines, ensuring the hygiene, quality, and safety of its products. Hundreds of objects are cleaned daily using various processes. 

By leveraging MontBlancAI’s Process Validation features, the dairy gains insights into the consistency of their CIP processes and how it impacts their product quality. The tool identifies where resources and cleaning time can be reduced, resulting in cost savings and improved productivity. MontBlancAI also provides continuous validation and verification that the CIP processes were executed as planned, ensuring that the objects are clean. 

To achieve continuous validation, the S7 PLC of the CIP machine of the dairy has been connected through an OPC-UA interface to MontBlancAI proprietary data pipeline. The dairy has the flexibility to choose desired datapoints and create triggers for programs to validate specific objects. The system can be set up in less than a day and has an intuitive user interface, accessible to everyone at the dairy. 

Over 5,000 cleanings have been validated with various improvement areas being identified that allow the dairy to reduce their cleaning time by hours and save thousands of cubic meters of fresh water, acid, and lye. As an additional benefit, the dairy uses MontBlancAI during audits to prove compliance of their cleaning processes.  

The dairy’s success with MontBlancAI has prompted plans to expand the use of the technology to other CIP machines throughout the company, further improving their operations and product quality

If you’re interested in learning more about how MontBlancAI can help optimize your CIP processes and improve product quality, contact us today. Let us show you how our Process Validation features can save you time and money while ensuring compliance with industry standards. 

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