Reduce downtime.
With AI.

From predictive maintenance to real-time anomaly detection, MontBlancAI's AI Powered Software is the catalyst for optimized operations and reduced costs in leading factories worldwide.

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Why our customers love MontBlancAI

No other tool on the market can overlay batches. It allows our teams to investigate anomalies quicker and optimize processes - providing measurable value to us.


With MontBlancAI operators can show continuous proof of validation of their processes, both for production as well as for CIP. This is a game changer for compliance with international standards.


What can you do with MontBlanc AI


Production Monitoring

Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Downtime.

Condition Monitoring

Avoid unexpected machine breakdowns with condition monitoring.

Predictive Maintenance

Adapt a proactive approach for your factory.

Process Validation

Ensure quality from start to finish.


User-Friendly Innovation

A New Standard in Ease of Use

Many software tools in machine manufacturing tend to be cumbersome, often necessitating extensive manuals just to get started.

At MontBlancAI, we've designed our tool with a different approach in mind. Our user-friendly design fosters high levels of employee engagement, ensuring that your factory's workforce genuinely desires and willingly embraces the tool.

Revolutionize Factory Machine Management

Unparallel Data Insights

Our platform offers an extensive range of graphs and data visualizations, specifically tailored for the intricate world of machine manufacturing.

Unlock the full potential of your factory by harnessing the power of real-time data. Our cutting-edge technology ensures you have the right information precisely when and where you need it.

Advanced Manufacturing Data Analytics

Powered by AI

Our tool is powered by state-of-the-art algorithms crafted by some of the brightest minds from MIT.

Use it to evaluate data to identify anomalies, to do condition monitoring, and analyze machine manufacturing data in real-time.

About us

We are a team of innovative and passionate individuals who are dedicated to leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help machine manufacturers reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Meet the Team

Markus Gürster

Founder | CEO

5+ years building enterprise AI software. PhD from MIT

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Valvanera Moreno

Founder | COO

10+ years leading Satellite Manufacturing programs. MSc in Electrical ​Engineering & MBA

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Luc Atangana

Co-Founder | CMO

Serial Entrepreneur for 10+ years. BSc in Psychology

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Alex Geiger

ML Scientist

2+ years as ​AI scientist​. MSc Thesis at MIT on Anomaly detection

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Francisca Osores

Backend Developer

3+ years computer and informatics engineer with experience in backend development with python and django

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Mario Bošnjak

Backend Engineer

10+ years in the ICT, MSC in Computer Science and Mathematics

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Patricio Galindo

Frontend Developer

15 years working in manufacturing, with focus in purchasing, supply chain and business development

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