Making data-driven equipment purchase decisions with MontBlancAI

The dairy industry in Germany is highly competitive, and businesses must continuously innovate and optimize their operations to remain profitable. This is especially true for small and mid-sized dairies, who were looking to increase production capacity to meet growing demand.  

A leading dairy in Germany has partnered with MontBlancAI, a leading provider of an artificial intelligence analytics platform for manufacturers, to make data-driven decisions about their plant expansion. They face a significant challenge: how to know whether their existing machines can be optimized to handle the increased capacity or whether new equipment must be purchased to increase capacity?  

Making this decision can be difficult, as it requires a thorough understanding of each machine’s current utilization pattern. MontBlancAI used their proprietary algorithms to analyze production data and machine utilization patterns. This allowed them to identify areas of existing machines where capacity was still available. 

With MontBlancAI’s help, the dairy was able to increase their production capacity. This was done through leveraging downtime of existing assets instead of purchasing new equipment.  

If you are faced with new equipment purchase decisions, consider partnering with MontBlancAI to make informed, data-driven decisions that will help you utilize your existing equipment first and purchase additional equipment only where really required.

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