Production Monitoring Solution for the Food & Beverage Industry.

Take the guesswork out of your production cycle. Leverage a solution designed to help you make the most of your machines with real-time alerts, batch traceability, better process validation & more.

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Why MontBlancAI

Increase Visibility into your Production

Trace Your Production​ End-to-End

Receive automatic (real-time) alerts when things go wrong​

What we've done so far

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Cycles validated


Batches processed


Data points processed​

Iot Solution for Manufacturers

How does MontBlancAI work

Getting started with MontBlancAI is a simple three step process.

Start with an Edge (Device)

Before you begin, you'll need to connect your machine(s) to the cloud.

Our SnapEdge device can help you do that.

Set up the connection

Once you have your edge device you'll be able to easily create an account and set up your connection.

This can be done in as little as 5 mins.

Start Monitoring Your Data

Once your machine is connected, you'll be able to start monitoring your production right away.


What Can You Do With MontBlancAI

CIP Validation

Process Validation

Swiftly & easily validate your processes

Validate your CIP (Clean-in-place) or production cycles in mins (not hours) with just a few clicks.

Batch Traceability

Trace your batches from start to finish

Ensure product quality and compliance with end-to-end batch tracing. Quickly and easily trace defective products back to their sources with historical data from batch tracing.

Anomaly Detection

Get notified in real-time when something goes wrong

Let our anomaly detection algorithms to identify faults in your production process. Get instant notifications when issues arise so you can take immediate action and minimize waste.

Overlay Batches

Easily overlay production batches

Take an in-depth look at your production batches by easily overlaying them with a click of a button.


Why our customers love MontBlancAI

No other tool on the market can overlay batches. It allows our teams to investigate anomalies quicker and optimize processes - providing measurable value to us.


With MontBlancAI operators can show continuous proof of validation of their processes, both for production as well as for CIP. This is a game changer for compliance with international standards.



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