How AI Will revolutionize the manufacturing industry

What you'll learn

What Artificial Intelligence is and what it isn't

How to think AI in manufacturing

Quality control can be enhanced using AI

Various applications for AI in manufacturing

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About The Author

Markus Guester

Founder & CEO at MontBlancAI


Over 40 additional publications

More about the book

In "Artificial Intelligence WILL Revolutionize Manufacturing," Markus offers a concise yet profound exploration of how Artificial Intelligence is set to transform the manufacturing industry.

Drawing from his own experiences and deep understanding of AI, Markus effectively demystifies the concept of Industry 4.0. The book focuses on the Industry 4.0 Flywheel, a model demonstrating how continuous improvement and innovation can be achieved through AI and Machine Learning.

Markus provides actionable steps for manufacturers to integrate AI into their processes, emphasizing the technology's transformative potential. This guide is not just informative but a compelling invitation to industry professionals to embrace AI and drive a revolution in manufacturing.


What are people saying...

The book effectively demystifies AI in manufacturing, tackling a key barrier: understanding. Its straightforward and humble tone makes for an enlightening read, perfect for a few hours of deep diving without feeling overwhelmed.

Manufacturing Expert

Markus’s insightful approach makes understanding AI's impact in manufacturing approachable. This book is a valuable guide for those looking to grasp the essentials of Industry 4.0.

Professional in Manufacturing Operations

Markus's book presents a clear and engaging exploration of AI in manufacturing. It's a thoughtful read that has encouraged me to further expand my knowledge

Digital Transformation Manager

The flywheel analogy used by Markus elegantly conveys the ongoing impact of AI in the manufacturing sector. As a General Manager, I found this perspective especially enlightening for comprehending the cycle of continuous innovation in our field.

General Manager, Manufacturing Industry

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